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Protassium Aluminium Fluoride

Chemical Name: Potassium fluoroaluminate, Potassium tetrafluoroaluminate, Potassium CryoliteúČKalium Aluminium Fluorid,KAlF, KAlF4úČK3AlF6

tabular alumina Brown Fused Alumina

ceramic proppant White Fused Alumina

glass bead Zirconia Alumina

potassium aluminum fluoride Boron Carbide

cryolite Cryolite

boron carbide Potasssium Aluminum Fluoride

zirconia alumina Glass Bead

Product Description

Potassium aluminum fluoride is a complex fluoride salt of potassium and aluminium. It does not have a specific chemical formulae. It is a mixture of following salts:K3AlF6 and KAlF4.

Properties: white or grey-white color, Molecular rate near 1.2, melting point 560íŠ
Solubility in 1000g water:  at 0íŠ: 0.8g; at 25íŠ: 1.42gúČat 100íŠ: 4.58g.
Chemical Formula:AlF4K
Molecular Weight:142g/mol
CaS No.:14484-69-6
EC No.:238-485-8

Recommended use:Welding and soldering agent,abrasive additive

potassium aluminum fluoride



Potassium-Aluminum-Fluoride-MSDS /////// Potassium Cryolite Analysis Report

Chemical Content







Super grade







I grade






II grade





Usual Grain Size : 20mesh,40mesh,100mesh,200mesh,325mesh,other size can be made as customer's special request

a. in 25kg plastic woven bags.
b. In 1000kg big pallet bag. 
c. 40 x 25kg plastic woven bags in one big bag.
d. 40 x 25kg plastic woven bags on pallet.
e. 40 x 25kg paper bags on pallet.
Loading weight in 1 x 20fcl: 20m


Main Application:

1.Potassium Aluminum fluoride is used as fluxing agentin the smelting of secondary aluminium to maximize metal recovery, to remove the magnesium content of liquid aluminium alloys.
2.Potassium fluoroaluminate can used as brazing flux in aluminum alumium alloy and stainless steelt.
3.Potasium Cryolite cam sed as additive agent for produce grinding wheels or other abrasive products.
4.KAlF4 is a common additive to roofing shingles as an alkaline Ph adjuster and as color additive to coatings
5.Glass producers use the PAF for opacification, or to cloud the glass giving it a milky white color. 
6.Used as an insecticide


For Abrasive Application

Potassium Aluminum Fluoreide is widely used as an active filler in organic binders (using resin, rubber or shellac as binders) in grinding wheels and abrasive belts. And the use of potassium fluoroaluminate plays an important role in the abrasive, the specific performance in the following areas:
1.Potassium Aluminum Fluoride can improve the cutting / grinding performance, the low melting point of the passivation has been conducive to the shedding of abrasive particles, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the use of other abrasive particles. Specific performance of the unit to improve the cutting speed per unit time, or reduce the surface area per unit abrasive wear.
2.Potassium fluoroaluminate can improve the cooling performance, reduce abrasive fever produced by burns or deformation.
3. Potassium Cryolite will precipitate fluoride ions in the grinding process, corrosion of metal, a greater degree of strengthening the grinding function.
4. PAF content fluoride characteristics, can prevent the grinding surface transition oxidation.
5.As a binder in the reinforcement material, improve the strength and wear resistance of the binder.
6. PAF to extend the service life of abrasive.

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